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Now spring is here it’s the perfect time for a spring clean and your make-up bag is no exception.

For some of us, including myself, we tend to get carried away with the amount of products we keep in our makeup bags.

And for others we have things that sit in our make-up bags gathering dust as we haven’t found an opportunity or are too scared to try them out.

spring clean your make up bagTime for a Spring Clean!

Step 1 – Wash your make-up bag.
Maybe you’ve had an eye shadow go rogue and shed shimmery dust all over it or a lipstick that melted on a very hot day; if you are putting make-up brushes in a dirty make-up bag it is transferring dirt to your face when you use them no matter how much you clean them.

Speaking of cleaning brushes…

Step 2 – Clean your brushes.
There are a lot of great brush cleaners on the market and if you don’t clean your brushes regularly you increase the amount of bacteria on your face daily giving you unnecessary spots and blemishes. You don’t even have to use a brush cleaner you can use shampoo and conditioner and preferably let them dry upside down however this can be quite hard so if not place them on the edge of a surface with the bristles over the edge. This allows the water to drain and not get to the adhesive holding the brush together and therefore cause it to shed hair all over your face, this is not a good look..

Make sure to squeeze the excess water out of the bristles before allowing them to dry.

Step 3 – Decide what you actually use in your make-up bag.
If your make-up bag goes in your handbag and travels with you daily you should make sure to only carry what you need. All that bashing around in you’re your bag cuts a powder compact’s life span in half, so save yourself the money replacing things and the back ache carrying it all around, and only carry in your handbag what you wear on your face.

Step 4 – Clean your products before putting them back.
If you have had an eye shadow break or didn’t put the lid on your mascara properly because you were in a rush (shame on you by the way) don’t spread the dirt and not to mention there’s nothing like starting the day with mucky fingers. Wipe your products before putting them back in your nice sparkling clean make-up bag or let’s face it you’re back to step 1.

Happy Spring Cleaning Everybody!

For information and advice please contact me.

 Alexandra Monks

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