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With a new year, comes a new beginning… So starting at the beginning is exactly what you need to do when you stand in front of the mirror in the morning ready to apply your make-up.

You might find that you love the make-up of one of your favourite celebrities, but when you try it on yourself, it doesn’t look right? This is simply because your facial features are different, who ever said ‘we’re all unique’ wasn’t lying!

The most common feature people get wrong is the eyes.

 There are lots of different eye shapes for example almond shape eyes. Almond shaped eyes, are the most simple eye shape to make up as they suit most eye makeup looks from less is more with just a touch mascara and eyeliner to the large winged eye shadow looks that are overpowering for some eye shapes. Then at the other end of the eye shape spectrum you have the hooded eye shape. This is a more difficult shape to make up. Concentrate on the outer and inner corners of the eye making the eyes appear longer giving them a sultry feline look.

Examples of these eye shapes include Mila Kunis and Blake Lively.

Eye make upeye shaping

Remember like everything else in life, highlighting your best features is the way forward, adapt your favourite looks to suit your face!

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